Congregational Library Bulletins

Vol. 11, no. 3 — Winter 2015

  • From the Director
  • Redeeming the American Dream: The Gilded Age Gospel of Social Salvation
  • The Social Gospel and the Legacies of Walter Rauschenbusch, Henry Hugh Proctor, and Georgia Harkness
  • Union Made
  • The Last Puritans: Mainline Protestants and the Power of the Past; Dr. Kenneth Minkema Interviews Peggy Bendroth
  • Images from the Chicago Theological Seminary Collection of Community Renewal Society Records


Vol. 11, no. 2 — Summer 2015

  • From the Director
  • Ruling Justly in the Fear of God
  • Henry Ward Beecher, Activist in Brooklyn
  • Moral Suasion vs Insurrection: The Abolitionists' Struggle with violent Opposition to Slavery Through the Eyes of Adin Ballou
  • An Anti-Slavery Church in Washington, D.C.: An Interview with David R. Bains


Vol. 11, no. 1 — Spring 2015

  • From the Director
  • "Thy Love Enflame In Mee": How a Puritan Pastor's Poetry Shaped My Life
  • Poetry of Dissent: An Interview with George Southcombe
  • From Whence Comes a Poem?
  • Congregationalists in London
  • Banned in Boston: William Pynchon's The Meritorious Price of Our Redemption


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