June, 2020

As an institution founded to preserve, celebrate, and advance the history and practice of Congregationalism, the Congregational Library and Archives (CLA) affirms a Christian tradition that has, for hundreds of years, taken a stand against the immorality of racism in this country.  In our collect

March, 2020

Appologies for the late February update. A lot happened at the beginning of the month which pushed back the completion of this post until now. First among them were the near completion of renovations, which took a lot of staff time as they began to reorganize new and old spaces.

March, 2020

This spring marks an end and a beginning. Dr. Margaret Bendroth, who has served as executive director of the CLA since 2004, will retire and Dr. Stephen Butler Murray will come in to lead the organization into its future.

January, 2020

It is a new year for the staff of the Congregational Library & Archives! And with the new year comes new resolutions.