New England's Hidden Histories

Congregational church records are an unparalleled source of information about the religious activities of the early colonists, and about many other aspects of early American life. The Congregational Library and Archives, in partnership with the Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale is currently preserving these records and making them available to the public.

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News & Highlights

The latest additions to our New England's Hidden Histories program come from groups in the North Shore region of Massachusetts that had strong opinions on the issues of the time.

Our archivists have been hard at work recently finishing up their processing on several new manuscript collections. There are institutional records, personal papers, and even a group of mid-20th century photographs. Take a look and see if anything strikes your fancy.

Just in time for Halloween, we have a collection of records from the infamous Salem Witchcraft Trials of the late 17th century.

Last fall we published the digitized versions of the bound records from the Congregational Church in Sturbridge, Mass.